Advantages and disadvantages of computer and internet in a person’s life

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Advantages and disadvantages of computer and internet in a person’s life

No matter how useful a tool, habit or an activity is, misuse and over-involvement in such things can result in high levels of disruption in a person’s regular lifestyle and lead him/her to experience problems. The same way, the use of computer and internet may have brought about several positive changes in our lives, but it has also added newer issues of concern that need our attention. Later in this article, we will separately discuss the merits and demerits of the internet in our lives.


  • The internet is a pool of abundant knowledge and data from which we may be able to find out solutions for almost all our problems, and answers to nearly all our questions.
  • It is through the internet that we gain knowledge and share knowledge with the world whenever we are capable of doing so.
  • It has provided us with many channels of communication.
  • The foundation of social media is the internet, and mass-communication is a gift that we have been given.
  • It is a vast source of entertainment.
  • It has increased overall rate of our functionality.
  • It has enabled online banking and shopping.
  • The computer and the internet provide abundant space for storage


  • We have reached an era where the internet has become a necessary tool for survival and addiction to it has only given us more issues to take care of.
  • Overuse has led us to a time where we cannot fully focus on our daily work without, for a little while overusing the internet and wasting precious time.
  • Social media has provided outlets for narcissistic behaviour.
  • The internet has given opportunities to criminals to carry out cyber crimes such as identity theft and stealing money from bank accounts.
  • Sharing private details with strangers has provided channels for unnecessary problems that may have otherwise been avoided.
  • The platform for mass communication is often misused and the population may be fed with incorrect information. This becomes nearly irreversible because of the speed at which data is shared online.
  • The overuse of internet facilities has caused many people to isolate themselves. This prevents an individual from having meaningful relationships with others around him/her.
  • The computer and the internet provide abundant space for storage, which is why people hoard an unncessary amount of data which may not be of any use at all.

The internet is a marvellous tool, which provides us with endless opportunities for personal and overall advancements. However, if the issues such as addiction and misuse of the internet for wrong intentions go unnoticed, we may as well become ‘as good as dead’.

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