Has the introduction of computers enhanced the education levels?

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Has the introduction of computers enhanced the education levels?

It is quite impossible to attribute the invention of computers to a single person. What we know as the modern-day computer is a combination of various devices that were invented by scientists and mathematicians several years ago. They designed those devices in order to achieve their results and calculations, based on their exclusive requirements. A long journey of passionate and experimental achievements conducted by innumerable experts over many years has ultimately resulted in a computer: as we know it today. The present day computers are much more advanced, enabling people to use them for various purposes. We all perceive computers as basic and necessary: in the sense that they are now being used for simple daily-life activities as well as complex ones.

Currently, students, teachers, professors, corporate officials, and in almost every home and organisation, a computer is used for purposes such as— personal or entertainment purposes and /or academic or work purposes. Primarily, a computer is widely perceived as a source of knowledge. We refer to the internet for obtaining information about anything and everything. This device has enabled us to obtain knowledge about almost everything just by sitting at home. The contributions made to the present educational system have enhanced our overall functionality in this field.

Contributions made to the education:

  • It provides self-learning opportunities.
  • It facilitates research work.
  • It is a mandatory tool for the development of science and other fields.
  • Offers flexibility to teachers and enables students to initiate research and learn more actively.
  • It provides opportunities for distance education.
  • It eliminates prolonged periods of time-consumption during research.
  • Provides opportunities for storage of materials and enables an individual to access it later.

The introduction of computers in the field of education has enhanced many components associated with it. Computers not only have allowed students and teachers to work more efficiently, but also share the knowledge with each other more easily. Thus, the introduction of computers has certainly brought about a string of changes that have undoubtedly raised the overall standard of the educational field.

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