Tips on your detox diet

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Detox diet as the name suggests is for cleansing the body has become quite popular these days. They can be a part of your weight loss plan and help in increase your metabolism rate. If you are planning to go for a detox diet you can refer to Anyways here are some of the tips which will help you out in your detox diet:


  1. Pick your convenient diet plan: Before going on a diet, it’s very much important to get consultation from a dietician. They will guide you in your diet plan giving you required information about detoxifying. Try out some of the detox foods. You could go for all juice detox plan or with some hard foods. It depends upon what exactly you are looking for. Due to high sugar content in fruits, all juice detox is not the best option when it comes to weight loss. Whereas hard foods are compatible much healthier. But you have to keep track of the calories intake. To know what will work for you and what not you can read all about detox diet at
  2. Have a cheat day: Don’t starve yourself or restrict yourself so much that you end up eating more. So instead of craving something all the time, have a cheat day where you can have something that is bounded. In this way you will follow up your detox plan quite strictly. These detox diets can have some of the side effects like you may feel more hungry. So it’s better to have food in smaller quantities but regular intervals.
  3. Try introducing hard foods: Include protein food and raw fruits and vegetables instead of juice in your diet chart. Whatever diet plan you follow be sure to keep track.

4: Don’t overdue yourself: It is not recommended to exercise during your detox diet time. You will be tired most of the time. Brisk walking is fine or read some books.

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