Where does tree of life comes from?

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The Tree of life has a variation of meanings like knowledge, religious, spiritual, wisdom, and an insight. It is a symbolic representation to find focus and to find knowledge and mindfulness. Many people will hope to find this focus by wearing a tree of life necklace or something similar like rings, earring or bracelet with the tree of life.

The meaning of tree of life jewelry can be varied from spiritual to religious to many more. The design of tree is associated with both religious and spiritual beliefs like in Buddhism, Buddha received the enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. So, the symbol of tree is related as the perception in the book of Proverbs.

tree of life necklace

What is the need of life of tree jewelry?

Though fashion is changing constantly, the simple meaning behind many pieces like life of tree never changes and has been around since years. The main reason many people like life of tree jewelry because it relates to knowledge and wisdom. Also, with the help of it one can learn and improve in every way. Considering its religious meaning or personal illumination, it is of no doubt that this trend is a long-lasting jewelry trend since the mass appeal of the tree of life necklaces and other jewelry has made it a trendy theme for jewelry. Currently, there are more and more symbols and references to the tree in modern jewelry designs from color to materials. Whereas, tree of life necklace and pendants are the most popular form of tree of life jewelry. The designs range from carvings of trees on different metals and tree sketches to carved metal tree and stone arrangements. Many pieces are available in materials such as bronze, silver, resin and gold.

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