Are you being watched using these devices?

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Privacy and secrecy is the new myth which we all are living in and no longer exist in the real world. The recent case of breaking the encryption of the i-phone device in court for national security to the real world acceptance by agencies that people in countries are being monitored proves that there are virtual eyes keeping a track of everything in this world. We have internet which can be helpful in giving out details and then there are spy camera, which can capture each and every moment of you. There are multiple devices and ways we are being monitored and if in wrong hand can be disastrous as well.

spy camera

Spy camera are the small variant of camera which are being used to capture people recording without them knowing about it. This can be used in a board meeting of a company and can be used by intelligent agencies as well to capture the recording of terrorist or capture a proof or an evidence. All this makes very efficient to capture the details without you knowing it. Next in line are the smart phones. Normally people thinks that they are having smart phone and their history and details is safe. However no phone is hack free and with just few seconds a hacker can crack into your phone. This makes all your details susceptible for tracking.

Internet makes world open to all and all open to world. So a person at one corner of world can try to know about you and get details with proper equipment’s at his disposal. It is better to keep a vigilant and know your surroundings and things you are doing. We should not fall prey easily to such things and should be smart enough to avoid such things at all cost.

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