Everything about Tree Service Contractors

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Who are tree service contractors?

Anyone performing tree care services are, including removing and pruning, licensed as tree service contractor. All the companies providing tree services are required to have licenses, insurances and certificates of their expertise. Almost all the states in US demands from the tree service contractors to have their licenses before they start providing services. The US government officials advices that you request to see the licenses before the tree service contractors provide services.

How many types of licenses are there?

There are two types of licenses that a tree service contractor can have. There is the general license and the ornamental license. The general license enables the tree service contractor to carry on with almost all the services to any tree of any sizes. The ornamental license allows the holders to perform services to only small vegetation.

tree service contractors

If you are looking for tree services such as trimming, pruning, removing trees or stumps, emergency removal and so on and so forth, you can call up tree service contractors or tree service companies to bid the work. Request for the copy of insurances and read it carefully. Call former clients and drive by recent sites where job has been done to find out their handiwork.You dont want any claims to get back at you later.

There are basically threemajor groups of industries that provide certification for tree service contractors. Always check for ISAcertification. These certified contractors are the most experienced people who are required to pass extensive examination that cover all the features of tree care and services. The contractors who are associated with tree service companies are not only experience and experts abut also are friendly and professionals. Usually reputable companies have a minimumof one ISA- accredited arborist as staff. The companies are evaluated for insurance,trained personnel, reliable as well as ethical customer services.

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