Utilization of Washington state divorce forms

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The divorce procedure in Washington can either be contested or uncontested. The contested divorce is such a case where the couple is unable to come to any conclusion about liabilities, taking care of kids, properties, assets that are they could not find a way to divide them. The judge makes the decision about all these things. But in an uncontested case, the spouses make the agreement and file the Washington state divorce forms along with the required documents. They are then granted with the decree of divorce. This process is simple and requires very less time. In Washington, most cases are solved by filling washington state divorce forms after reaching a common agreement.

washington state divorce forms

The process involved in uncontested divorce

The first step is filling the divorce with the appropriate court by either of the spouses. It is generally filed in the place where the petition applied spouse resides or at the State where both of them are comfortable. This decision is important because there are situations where one needs not to visit the court and get the decree of dissolution through online. This process is smart to follow and saves both times as well as money. The spouses get the divorce done privately without having to visit courthouse or wasting time in a queue.

The reason behind a 90 days waiting time

The spouses have to file the petition with the court then they have to wait for a minimum of 3 months. After this period of 90 days, the petition is submitted to the judge. This time is mandatory according to Washington court rules and is generally called the cooling off period. The main reason behind such a long waiting time is providing enough time to the couples so that they can think about their marriage relationship again and if possible reconcile and withdraw the case. Thus the court has imposed this waiting time for the betterment of their citizens.

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