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Her Sorority Sisters Suspected She Was Pregnant. What Did Emile Weaver Know?

For months, Emile Weaver denied her pregnancy. A gruesome discovery forced her to confront the truth.

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send love with mobile phone
New Dating App Takes Aim at Swipe Culture

S’More blurs out your potential match's face until after you talk to them.

40 Gifts That Won't Freak Out Your New Boyfriend

From hikers to hypebeasts, your new man is covered.

Could Messy Bedrooms Make Instagram Good Again?

Surrounded by laundry and clutter, stylish women are dismantling Insta-perfection one selfie at a time.

love bombing - what is harassment
The Fine Line Between 'Love Bombing' and Harassment

Are those flowers and flattering texts romantic gestures—or a form of control?

Here's Some of the Best E. Jean Love Advice of 2019

On everything from moving in to #MeToo.

Dog looking guilty
Pets Are Eating Sex Toys at an Alarming Rate
One vet says she's performed surgery to remove pieces of a dildo from a dog's abdomen and treated puppies with burn marks from vibrator…
Nina Garcia Honored at Basser Center Gala for Cancer Research

ELLE's Editor-in-Chief spoke about her experience with genetic testing for breast cancer

A Curator Boyfriend is the Hottest Accessory for 2020
With JLaw’s nuptials to art-world cutie Cooke Maroney and Jenny Slate’s engagement to Ben Shattuck, a new boyfriend paradigm has emerge…
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I Tried the Peloton Tread and I Have Some Thoughts

Peloton is known for their luxury workout equipment. Does its Tread pass the ELLE test?

Ask E. Jean: I'm Not Interested in a Long Distance Relationship

He wants to be in the mountains, and my life is by the sea.

Ask E. Jean: I've Forgotten What It's Like to Be in Love

I feel like I have an icy, black heart. What can I do to make myself feel again?

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The Education of Natalie Jean

For years, Mormon mommy blogger Natalie Lovin curated a picture-perfect life. Then she left the church—and her husband.

Ask E. Jean: How Do I Cope With Rejection?

What’s the best way to move past rejection, whether it’s job rejection or romantic rejection?

Cropped Hand Of Person Holding Hypnosis Equipment Against Illuminated Lights
I Went to a Hypnotist to Try to Stop Peeing So Much
Ever since diapers stopped being an essential part of my ‘OOTD,' my everyday routine has been punctuated by a staggering amount of trip…
Ask E. Jean: It's Hard for Me to Be Around My Pregnant Friends

I've had multiple miscarriages and am reminded of them whenever I see their baby bumps. How do I cope with this?

We Regret to Inform You There's a Sex Toy Shaped Like a New York Skyscraper

Get there with a little help from your favorite building.

The New-Mom Issue No One Tells You About

I was irrationally worried about my newborn, but it was my own wellbeing that needed desperate attention.

Ask E. Jean: I Love Him, But I'm Against Marriage

Marriage is like a death sentence to me. Do I have to give in to keep him?